1.2.1. Enable Virtual MFA

Enable a Virtual MFA Device using Console

To enable MFA, you must signed in AWS using your root user.
To configure and enable a virtual MFA device:

  1. Sign in to AWS Console.
  2. In the top right of the navigation bar, you will see your account name, choose it and choose My Security Credentials then expand Multi-factor authentication (MFA).


  1. Choose Active MFA.
  2. In Manage MFA Device, choose Virutal MFA device then choose Continue.
  3. Install a compatible app on your mobile device or computer. List of the application.
  4. After install application on your device, scan the QR code.
  5. In the MFA code 1, enter six digit number, wait 30 seconds enter the next six digit number and choose Assign MFA.
  6. Now you have done to enable Virtual MFA Device.