Create On-Demand Backup

Create an On-Demand Backup

  • In this first step, you create an on-demand backup of one of your resources. You will then see this resource listed on the Protected resources page.
  • To create an on-demand backup
    1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console, and open the AWS Backup console at
    2. From the dashboard, choose Create on-demand backup. Or, using the navigation pane, choose Protected resources, and then Create on-demand backup. Images
    3. On the Create on-demand backup page, choose the resource type that you want to back up; for example, choose EBS for EBS volumes.
    4. Choose the name or ID of the resource that you want to protect.
    5. Ensure that Create backup now is selected. This initiates a backup immediately and enables you to see your saved resource sooner on the Protected resources page. Images
    6. Specify a transition to cold storage value (if appropriate) and an expire value.
    7. Choose an existing backup vault. Choosing Create new backup vault opens a new page to create a vault and then returns you to the Create on-demand backup page when you are finished. Images
    8. Under IAM role, choose Default role.
    9. If you want to assign one or more tags to your on-demand backup, enter a key and optional value, and choose Add tag. Images
    10. Choose Create on-demand backup. This takes you to the Jobs page, where you will see a list of jobs. Images
    11. Choose the Backup job ID for the resource that you chose to back up to see the details of that job.