Restore Backup

Restore a Backup

  • After a resource has been backed up at least once, it is considered protected and is available to be restored using AWS Backup. Follow these steps to restore a resource using the AWS Backup console.
  • To restore a resource
    1. Open the AWS Backup console at Images
    2. In the navigation pane, choose Protected resources and the resource ID you want to restore. Images
    3. A list of your recovery points, including the resource type, is displayed by Resource ID. Choose a resource to open the Resource details page. Images
    4. To restore a resource, in the Backups pane, choose the radio button next to the recovery point ID of the resource. In the upper-right corner of the pane, choose Restore. Images
    5. Specify the restore parameters. The restore parameters shown are specific to the resource type that is selected.
    6. For Restore role, choose Default role. Images
    7. Choose Restore backup. The Restore jobs pane appears. A message at the top of the page provides information about the restore job.